SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.

The DCH Teen Safe Driving Foundation and DCH Auto Group have partnered with SADD to engage teens directly. DCH Auto Group is the exclusive automotive dealer sponsor of SADD in New Jersey, southern New York, Fairfield, Connecticut, and southern California, and has agreed to help launch SADD chapters in local area schools. Through DCH Teen Safe Driving Foundation's involvement with organizations such as SADD, DCH employees work with students to raise awareness among their peers about the need to make smart decisions.  In working with these organizations, we focus on distracted driving, the importance of the graduated driver license, and the significance of parents playing an active part in their child’s driver education.  DCH dealerships sponsor events, activities and opportunities for learning with the ultimate goal of reducing crash related tragedies. 

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Information About SADD and Starting a Chapter at Your School

Did you know that SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) chapters influence millions of people in schools, families, local community organizations, law enforcement agencies and the media? Interested in starting a SADD Chapter at your school? Click the link below to find out more, or visit .


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